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Powering the MTR Light Rail network

The MTR Light Rail system in Hong Kong comprises of 68 stations on 36.2 km of route, served by 150 light rail vehicles. But how are they all powered? How it works The system is electrified using 750V DC overhead […]

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Refurbishing the MTR Phase I Light Rail Vehicles

In 2008 the MTR Corporation accounted the refurbishment of oldest members of the Light Rail fleet – the Comeng-built Phase I Light Rail Vehicles that entered serivce in 1988. The 8 July 2008 media release marking their 20 years of […]

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Shanghai’s rubber tired tram

A long way off the beaten tourist track of Shanghai is an unusual mode of transport – the Zhangjiang Tram. It looks a little like a normal light rail system. With a track running down the middle of the road, […]

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Named trains of the MTR Light Rail

Trains in Hong Kong don’t have very much character – they all look much the same, with only their fleet numbers setting them apart. But on the MTR Light Rail network, there was an exception – a pair of light rail vehicles that were given their own names.

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Public safety advertisements and the KCR Light Rail

Hong Kong’s MTR Light Rail system is something I have written about previously, due to it being one of the more interesting places for a railfan to explore. A unique feature of the Light Rail is the numerous level crossings, which unlike the slower moving Hong Kong Tramways, require motorists and pedestrians to share the road with fast moving light rail vehicles. For these reasons when the Light Rail system commenced operations in 1988, a series of public safety advertisements aired on Hong Kong television to raise awareness of the safe way to behave around the new mode of transport.

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