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MTR East Rail Line: a lineside guide

A few days ago I started on my coverage of the MTR’s East Rail line with a brief introduction – today we will take a journey along the line – or at least most of it. But why couldn’t I travel the entire way?

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Hong Kong Airport’s driverless train

In Hong Kong the city isn’t the only place where you find trains: if you head down to the basement of the airport you will find yet another rail network. Officially known as the “Hong Kong International Airport Automated People Mover“, it has four stations on a 3.8 kilometre long route underneath the airport terminals, with a fleet of trains all operating without drivers. How do they do it? Read on…

Passengers wait for an arriving train at West Hall

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The Peak Tram (trainspotters edition)

The Peak Tram is one way to reach Victoria Peak, but how does it manage to climb a hill at a 27 degrees? For a start, the name “tram” is a misnomer once you find out how it actually works…

Tram departing the top station

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MTR: Ma On Shan Line

The Ma On Shan Line is quite different to the rest of the MTR network of Hong Kong: the majority of the route is elevated on viaducts so it can weave between apartment blocks, but it also has short stretch of track running down the middle of a freeway. What other surprises lay in store along the line?

Running down the middle of a freeway

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MTR Light Rail: the network

Out in the middle of the north-west New Territories is the MTR Light Rail network: it is a very different system to the double deck trams on Hong Kong Island, which is the trams that tourists usually see. Running between the New Towns of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, the system was built by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, commencing operation in 1988 to serve the then-developing suburbs, which it continues to do so.

MTR Light Rail in the New Territories Continue reading

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