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Crossing the border on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge connects Hong Kong to Mainland China – but where does the bridge cross from the waters of Hong Kong into China’s Guangdong Province, and what marks it? So where is the border? From a legal perspective […]

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Riding the Guia Hill cable car in Macau

I’ve visited Macau a number of times over the years, but one thing I never knew about the cable car. Named ‘Cable Guia’ (Chinese: 松山纜車; Portuguese: Teleférico da Guia) the aerial gondola lift runs through a park to the top of Guia Hill, home of the Guia Fortress and lighthouse.

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Chinese airports and ‘International, HK, Macao and Taiwan Departures’

Naming the terminals at most airports is easy – flights inside your country use the ‘domestic’ terminal, and flights to other countries use the ‘international’ terminal. But at the airports in and around China, things get a little more complicated.

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How many ferry routes are there in Hong Kong?

With Hong Kong being a city by the water one would expect to see a larger number of ferries, and a quick glance at the waters of Victoria Harbour will confirm this. So how many ferry operators and routes are there in Hong Kong?

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Macau for the rest of us

Casinos drive the Macau economy, but what else does the city have to offer those who don’t gamble? Macau is a city at the crossroads of different cultures: the Portuguese heritage of Macau is unique in the region, the city having roots as a trading post in the 16th century. The most iconic example of Macau’s Portuguese heritage is the Ruins of St. Paul’s…

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