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Macau’s exclave in Mainland China

I knew Macau had a long history of land reclamation, which reached a peak when the islands of Taipa and Coloane were joined together to form the single island of Cotai. But the part of Macau I recently discovered is […]

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Beijing’s dead end expressway

On my trip out to the Great Wall of China by train, I found something downright bizarre while staring out of the carriage window – a multi-lane expressway that terminated suddenly ended at a field of trees. So what gives? […]

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Catching the train to the Great Wall of China

If you’re travelling to China then the Great Wall of China is probably on your list of must see sights. However you don’t need to sign up to a tour group to get out there, and get dragged to tourist […]

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Standard metro trains of China

With the past 20 years having seen an explosion in new metro systems being built in cities across China, a number of standards have developed for the trains that run their tracks. Here is a quick summary of the different […]

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Hong Kong buses with doors on both sides

I’ve written before about traffic in Hong Kong and Macau that drives on the left, vehicles in mainland China drive on the right, and how vehicles on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge switch from one side to the other – but […]

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