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Maintenance trains on the MTR East Rail Line

Every railway needs a fleet of equipment to keep trains running smoothly, usually emerging at night-time after the normal revenue services have finished running. The MTR East Rail line is no different, but unlike the trains seen on the maintenance trains used on the MTR underground lines, the works trains for the East Rail line are a little bit more visible to railfans between jobs.

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The MTR’s other fleet of trains

The Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong has more trains than just the EMU fleet that transports the city of 6 million people… They also have a collection of small battery-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives to use on maintenance trains, both in tunnels and on viaducts.

Chai Wan bound train arrives into Heng Fa Chuen
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The KCR diesel locomotive fleet

The former Kowloon-Canton Railway owned a number of diesel locomotives for use on their railway between Kowloon and the border with China at Lo Wu. The two first diesels entered service in 1955, with the end of the regular steam locomotives use on passenger trains coming in 1957. With electrification of the KCR line being commissioned in 1983 the diesel fleet were then usurped in this role, instead being used to move freight to and from the border with China, as well as hauling maintenance trains on the line. So how many types of diesel locomotive did the KCR operate?

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