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MTR Metro Cammell EMUs off to the scrap yard

It had to happen some day, and March 2021 is it – the first of Hong Kong’s Metro Cammell EMUs have been retired from service and despatched to the scrap yard. Photo by Sordiu Edmond This thread on the hkitalk.net […]

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Testing MTR trains in the green fields of England

Hong Kong’s MTR trains usually spend their days running back and forth through dark tunnels, but for one early train it experienced something quite different – the green fields of England. 1978: A Hong Kong Metro pictured while being tested […]

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Finding the last KCR ‘Yellow Head’ train

For almost two decades, the mainstay of the Kowloon Canton Railway was their fleet of Metro Cammell EMUs, nicknamed ‘Yellow Head’ (黃頭) for the colour of their driving cabs. Photo by Joseph K.K. Lee / gakei.com As originally built, each […]

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