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Disneyland Resort Line trains elsewhere on the MTR

For trains on the Disneyland Resort Line the task is pretty simple – shuttle between Sunny Bay and Hong Kong Disneyland all day, with nobody in the driving cab, and the onboard computer doing all of the hard work. But on very rare occasions, they can be seen elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Passing a northbound train for Sunny Bay at the crossing loop Continue reading

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Towing MTR trains with diesel locomotives

On my 2013 visit to Hong Kong I came across an odd sight in the sidings at the MTR West Rail line’s Pat Heung Depot – a SP1900 EMU coupled up to a diesel locomotive. So why was such a train assembled?

MTR diesel #8005 (Siemens “Eurorunner” model ER20) coupled to a SP1900 EMU at Pat Heung Depot Continue reading

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Dummy railway track and overhead for training MTR staff

Hong Kong is a busy city and any issue with the rail network that serves it causes massive delays. For this reason heaving well trained staff is critical, but there is one problem – it can’t be safely carried out when trains are running. For this reason a number of short pieces of dummy railway track and overhead have been built across Hong Kong, allow this training to be carried out without danger.

Signals at the Tung Chung end of Sunny Bay station Continue reading

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Farewelling the first generation MTR trains

The first trains ran on Hong Kong’s MTR network way back in 1979, and almost forty years later these trains still remain in service, albeit having been refurbished and upgraded a number of times.

First generation Metro Cammell MTR train Continue reading

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Fixing failed doors on the Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong’s MTR network is known for being a fast, efficient and reliable public transport system, but it doesn’t mean they are invulnerable to simple issues such as failed doors on trains. These videos capture how they deal with such issues. Continue reading

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