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Swapping left and right on the Tuen Ma Line

Road and rail traffic in Hong Kong usually moves on the left, but the recently completed Tuen Ma Line is a little different, with the eastern section running on the right, and switching back over to the left in the […]

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Beijing’s dead end expressway

On my trip out to the Great Wall of China by train, I found something downright bizarre while staring out of the carriage window – a multi-lane expressway that terminated suddenly ended at a field of trees. So what gives? […]

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Playing ‘where’s the car’ on the streets of Hong Kong

I recently saw a car advertisement where the first thing I noticed wasn’t the car, but the backdrop. I swear it was somewhere in Hong Kong, but I couldn’t quite pick the location. So where could it be? Time to […]

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Hidden track connections between MTR lines

Thanks to the sheer size of the network, travelling from one side of Hong Kong to another on the MTR usually involves a change of train somewhere along the way. But what if it was possible to stay on one train the entire way? This is actually possible – but with a number of caveats.

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Gate numbering at Hong Kong International Airport (updated for 2023!)

Gate numbers at airports is something taken as a given by passengers – you get told which one your flight is leaving from, and you make sure you get there on time! However the other day I was taking a […]

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