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Octopus card fare anomalies

Traveling on public transport in Hong Kong with an Octopus card is simple – load up your card with credit, tap on when you start every journey, and the lowest fare will be deducted each time – no more fumbling with coins! However it isn’t always that simple, as these are some anomalies in the Octopus card fare structure.

Ticket machines at Hung Hom station on the MTR Continue reading

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One Logo – Two Languages

For a company that operates in Hong Kong, where both Chinese and English are official languages, it is important to have a corporate brand that looks just as good in both. Here are two corporate logos that achieve this in an exceedingly clever way.

CLP Group logo Continue reading

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Locating photos with Google Streetview

When I go on holiday I take a lot of photos, and when I get home and upload them, I make sure I caption them accurately. Getting the location correct is easy to do when I carry my GPS datalogger with me, but if I don’t – how can you pin down the location?

Walk up apartments and tree covered hillsides Continue reading

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Skyscrapers on a stick

The shores of Hong Kong Island are lined with massive skyscrapers, and one that stands apart from the others due to the unusual design is the ‘Chinese People’s Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building’. So is it a one off?

"Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building" - sheesh: that's a long name Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s missing hillside

Atop Victoria Peak, when visibility is good, you can see out over the harbour towards the Kowloon Peninsula and the old airport, and into the hills that surround Kowloon. When you look really closely, sticking out like a sore thumb is an entire mountain with a 20-odd-storey high gouge cut into the side.

The missing hillside of the Kowloon Peninsula

On my previous visits I have also seen this massive cut in the side of the hill, but why is it there? Continue reading

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