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Victoria Peak (and the tram to the top)

I mentioned Victoria Peak in passing in a recent post about places to see the Hong Kong skyline: but how do you actually get up there? It turns out you have a few options: the Peak Tram is just one of them.

Only part way up the hill
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Bank of China tower observation deck

One of the must see places to visit in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak: once you get to the top, you can see the glass skyscrapers of Hong Kong Island, the boats on Victoria Harbour, the everyday apartment blocks of Kowloon, and finally Lion Rock atop the mountains in the distance.

The only downside is that every man and their dog also turns up there: resulting in long lines for the Peak Tram that runs up the hill, and price gouging when you finally get up there. However, there is at least one more sky high vantage point you can visit, and this one is free.

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