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One way tolls on the road to Lantau Island

Hong Kong motorists have to pay tolls to use many roads and bridges, and the Lantau Link that connects the airport, Lantau Island and the urban areas in Hong Kong is no different. But when the road first opened back […]

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Trolleybus trials in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for streets full of air conditioned double decker buses, spewing diesel exhaust onto the crowded streets. But back in the 2000s bus operator Citybus tested something a lot cleaner – electrically powered trolleybuses. TVB news report, […]

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Driving through the Tsing Ma Bridge lower deck

Virtually every visitor to Hong Kong crosses the Tsing Ma Bridge – it is the only route linking Hong Kong International Airport to the rest of the city. But what most people don’t know is that the bridge has a second roadway for emergency use, located beneath the main deck.

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The sound of silence?

In a big city noise pollution is inevitable – while moving people closer together means efficient public transport is cheaper to provide, it also makes finding your own quiet space a lot more difficult. So what can you do?

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Learning to drive, and getting your 學 plates

Want a car in Hong Kong, but you don’t have a drivers licence? Then you’ll have to track down a driving instructor to teach you, and an empty road to drive on. But why are the ‘L’ plates on the front of cars so odd?

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