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Temporary depot at Mei Foo for the Airport Railway

Building a new railway is a complex operation, involving large quantities of raw materials, and a fleet of heavy construction equipment. All of these need to come from somewhere, which presented difficulties for the MTR when building the Lantau Airport Railway in the 1990s through West Kowloon. The solution – a temporary railway depot at Mei Foo.

MTR battery electric locomotive L75 and unknown classmate stabled at Siu Wan Ho depot Continue reading

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Railway depots and Hong Kong property development

With so little free space in Hong Kong, railway depots aren’t just open air railway tracks and workshop facilities, but spaces that combine commercial property developments with the services need to keep the trains running. So how does the MTR Corporation use them to fund new rail projects?

MTR train departs Kowloon Bay station: Kowloon Bay depot is located alongside, underneath the Telford Garden housing estate Continue reading

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Decoding 萬 in Hong Kong real estate adverts

Real estate agents are something you find everywhere in the world – and Hong Kong is no different. However the way they go about business is different, as these photos show.

Who do I call to lease this place? Continue reading

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