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Standard metro trains of China

With the past 20 years having seen an explosion in new metro systems being built in cities across China, a number of standards have developed for the trains that run their tracks. Here is a quick summary of the different […]

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Exploring the Shanghai Metro

It’s time for another leg of my journey into ‘Mainland’ China – a tour of the Shanghai Metro. The first line opened in 1993, and is now the largest metro network by route length, as well as one of the […]

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‘Paid Passageway Validators’ at MTR stations

There are many interchange stations on Hong Kong’s MTR, but the connection between the Tuen Ma and Tsuen Wan lines at Mei Foo has something no other MTR stations have – ‘Paid Passageway Validators’. Photo by Prosperity Horizons, via Wikimedia […]

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Hong Kong’s road-rail fire trucks

Hong Kong’s Fire Services Department has a diverse fleet of firefighting apparatus that can handle any situation, and today I’m looking at their ‘Road Rail Fire Appliances’. Photo by 廣九直通車, via Wikimedia Commons This pair of fire trucks can operate […] Continue reading

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Ventilation shafts across the MTR network

With a massive network of railway tunnels passing beneath Hong Kong, the MTR requires a plethora of ventilation shafts to supply fresh air to passengers underground, and remove smoke in an emergency situation. Early years of brutalism Ventilation shafts built […]

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