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Public safety advertisements and the KCR Light Rail

Hong Kong’s MTR Light Rail system is something I have written about previously, due to it being one of the more interesting places for a railfan to explore. A unique feature of the Light Rail is the numerous level crossings, which unlike the slower moving Hong Kong Tramways, require motorists and pedestrians to share the road with fast moving light rail vehicles. For these reasons when the Light Rail system commenced operations in 1988, a series of public safety advertisements aired on Hong Kong television to raise awareness of the safe way to behave around the new mode of transport.

Phase 1 LRV 1019 passing 'village houses' at San Hui Continue reading

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Hong Kong railways *do* have level crossings

With the majority of Hong Kong’s railway network running either underground in tunnels or above ground on viaducts, you might be forgiven for thinking that it is a system without level crossings. However, as with anything in life there is always an exception, so let’s take a look at them.

Running along a viaduct, a northbound train arrives into Kwai Fong station Continue reading

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Operations on the Hong Kong Tramways

The other day I had a quick look at the Hong Kong Tramways, while today I am going to have a look at the more operational details. First up is the signalling used (or lack thereof), followed by the remote control of junctions

Pedestrian crossing and overbridges on the Hong Kong Tramways Continue reading

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British railway signalling and MTR East Rail

The majority of the MTR lacks complicated lineside signalling, but thankfully for a railfan the East Rail line has a much more interesting system, based on British practice. So what makes it tick?

"Caution" aspect on East Rail line signal 1203 Continue reading

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Railway signalling on the MTR underground

With such a busy network, what kind of signalling does the MTR use to direct their trains along their journey? As it happens, the lineside signals may be dead simple, but other technology is at work behind the scenes.

Signals at the Tung Chung end of Sunny Bay station Continue reading

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