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Cable hauled trains under Shanghai’s Huangpu River

Shanghai seems to be the China’s home of gadgetbahns – modes of public transportation that are unnecessary complicated. The Shanghai Maglev and the Zhangjiang Tram are two examples, but Shanghai has a third – the cable hauled trains that run […]

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Closing time at Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a major tourist attraction located in the heart of Beijing, so you’d thinking finding out the closing time would be easy – but you’d be wrong! Time to pay a visit I visited Tiananmen Square after a […]

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Rebranding a hotel

A few years ago I received a curious email after my visit to Hong Kong – an invitation to review the Travelodge Hotel in Kowloon, despite never having stayed there. After a moment of thought, I realised why I got […]

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