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Catching the train to the Great Wall of China

If you’re travelling to China then the Great Wall of China is probably on your list of must see sights. However you don’t need to sign up to a tour group to get out there, and get dragged to tourist […]

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Cable hauled trains under Shanghai’s Huangpu River

Shanghai seems to be the China’s home of gadgetbahns – modes of public transportation that are unnecessary complicated. The Shanghai Maglev and the Zhangjiang Tram are two examples, but Shanghai has a third – the cable hauled trains that run […]

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Closing time at Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a major tourist attraction located in the heart of Beijing, so you’d thinking finding out the closing time would be easy – but you’d be wrong! Time to pay a visit I visited Tiananmen Square after a […]

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Souvenir sales on the Hong Kong MTR

Hong Kong’s MTR system is famous around the world, so perhaps it is no surprise that a wide variety of official souvenirs are available. The range includes such trinkets like watches with an Octopus chip inside, allowing you to pay […]

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‘Ocean Express’ funicular railway at Ocean Park

Hong Kong’s most famous funicular railway is the Peak Tram, running up the hills of Hong Kong Island to Victoria Peak. But there is a second funicular, much less well known – the ‘Ocean Express’ train at Ocean Park. Photo […]

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