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Ventilation shafts across the MTR network

With a massive network of railway tunnels passing beneath Hong Kong, the MTR requires a plethora of ventilation shafts to supply fresh air to passengers underground, and remove smoke in an emergency situation. Early years of brutalism Ventilation shafts built […]

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Extending the MTR using a tunnel *dismantling* machine

Normally when building a new underground railway, a tunnel boring machine will be used to excavate the subterranean path for trains to run along. But in the case of the MTR West Island Line project, they needed to do the […]

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A fire door for trains in the Tai Lam tunnel

I’ve written about the heavy steel gates used to protect the MTR cross harbour tunnels from flooding – but how about even bigger sets of gates used to protect them from fire? The longest railway tunnel in Hong Kong is […]

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Hong Kong’s ghost station at Kwu Tung

Since the 1970s the Mass Transit Railway network has expanded to cover much of Hong Kong, but at Kwu Tung in the northern New Territories there is something different – a ghost station that has no trains stopping at it. […]

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